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          The JP Racing History

JP Racing is owned and operated by John Payne, who has had 30 years experience in the racing and performance industry, particularly with performance engines, transmissions and specialised parts for street, strip and ski applications.

The Most recent racer in the JP Racing stable was a Hairyglass USA body with all Australian chassis and components built by Monty's Competition Engineering.
Motivation came from a JP Racing-built 496 cubic inch 7.8 l Sainty billet alloy overhead cam engine rated at 2000 hp (1500 kw) topped with a 16/71 hi helix supercharger and carbon fibre injector hat.
The transmission is a unique JP Racing Super Glide converter unit backed by a two speed Lenco planetary gear pack. (Click on the Transmissions button for more Super Glide information.)

Final drive is a custom made 9 inch housing and swing arm ladder bar with 35 spline floating hubs and axles. The aluminium centre is fitted with 4.1 ratio Pro Gears and Spool. Slicks are 34 inch (86 cm) by 17 inch (43 cm) wide on 16 inch by 16 inch (41 cm by 41 cm) beadlock wheels.

Fastest ET was August 2001,  6.7 seconds with a 60 foot time of 1.05 - half track time of 4.3 seconds at 167 mph.

This state of the art race car is now owned by North Queensland Tea

The body and chassis for this car were purchased on a trip to the USA in the mid 1980s.
The body was made by East Coast Fiberglass. Alston in USA made the chassis to suit this then late model body.

After the components arrived in Australia, Monty's Chassis and Engineering on Brisbane's north side assembled and mounted everything, and set it up to race specifications.

The car had its debut in 1987 and was fast from the outset, eventually running 6.8 seconds at 202 mph (325 kmh).
During its racing life, it has won numerous meetings, including Wild Bunch events, Castrol series, the Winternationals and
the Townsville Memorial Wild Bunch (five times), as well as many other events and shows.

This car is presently owned by a Northern Territory racer

                                                                  Sepang Fi
                                                               Kuala Lumpur  
Chevolrt Corvette

In 2001 the JP Racing undertook promotion and television appearances, and performed exhibition runs in the '63 Corvette at the Sepang Fi track outside Kuala Lumpa.

The crowd-pleasing runs were held before and after the Malaysian 12 Hour production race, which was part of the Malaysian National Day celebrations.

There's a great deal of interest in Australian drag racing in South-East Asia because of satellite broadcasts of our racing over there. The Malaysian Prime Minister and the Minister for Sport were also there to see an exhibition of speed and power never before seen at the Fi track.

The Kuala Lumpur area of Malaysia is an interesting place with freeways, new settlements and high-rise buildings going up all over but apparently at great cost to the environment.

Air pollution is extreme and most people seem to drink bottle water, as the rivers are often only concrete drains.
It was an eye-opening example of development at any cost.

               Datsun  180b  
JP's first real race car started life new from the show room in 1973. In 1975 saw it converted to V8 power and raced at street meets, etc.

This car eventually set many national and regional records.
Highlights were two National Championships, the Australian Grand Finals, the Australian Tin Top Titles, Winternationals and countless other smaller events around Australia.

This veteran racer (the car, not John) is still racing and winning today in the hands of its current owners.
This pickup ute started life as a lowly workshop runabout when the decision was made to turn it into a modified stock racer.

Limited modifications were allowed, such as steel panels, no engine set back and single carburettor, but a set of big tyres and a strong JP Racing 408 cube (6.7 litre) Chev engine and JP Racing Power Glide transmission enabled this stocker to run 10.1 seconds and 130 mph (210 kmh) with regularity.

These performances stood for over 10 years and were only bettered in recent years by much more sophisticated race cars.

This old race car is languishing in someone's garage somewhere today.
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