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Created By Paula
JP Racing Super Glide Race Drive

All the advantages of a converter.......

Low Maintance

Quick Turnaround

Repeatability run to run

Just add a Lenco

Proven 2000+ HP Potential
The JPR Mega Glide
It's chock full of the best components out of the JPR Race Inventory.

 It is suitable for max effort engines eg. blown - nitrous or big cube aspirated. 

Can be supplied with bell housing to suit most engines.


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Turbo 400
400 to 1500 HP

Exchange or Outright

To Suit Most Engines

Call for your price
JP Racing Powerglide Race Transmission
  Street or Strip
Complete Transmission Dyno tested
Heavy Duty transmission components available separately 
Billet Input Shafts - Normal or Turbo Spline for 1.82 or 1.76 Gear Sets

Steel Hi Gear Hubs to take up to 8 Clutches
Instant Release Transbrakes with Super Solenoids

Special Clutches - Teflon Seal Kits, Bush Kits and more
HD Components also available for Turbo 350-400-700 C4

The little FORD AUTO that can.

Since 1964 the C4 has been fitted to millions of Ford Cars and Trucks.

Usually a reliable auto it can be modified to handle quite a bunch of horsepower.

At JP RACING we have the special parts and know how to turn this auto into a hero.

Adaption's available to other engine combination’s.